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version 2.0.0.
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This Amazing Quality Sound Engine (with Equalizer) that evolved further has been focused mainly on developed its sound quality.
The engine is very fast to pursue a high-quality sound with the frequency of more than 4000.
*It is for the music files that are stored in the iPhone.

*SuperLoud Essential produced for iPhone7, iPhone7Plus, iPhone6s, iPhone6sPlus, iPhone6, iPhone6Plus, iPhoneSE, iPhone5s, iPhone5c, iPhone5, iPhone4s, iPod touch6, iPod touch5, iPad Pro, iPad Air2, iPad Air. (For the other models, Recommended : 800MHz Dual Core CPU or faster)

This concept of audio player is "To reproduce high-quality sound with more natural, create a comfortable environment for music."
* SuperLoud Essential is for Rock, Pops, Classic, Jazz and more sound.
* Make a sound without distortion by Dynamic Limiter,
   even if you adjust Bass sound level to maximum.
* And, Function "Silence Detection" will help significantly to natural reproduction.

Following is recommended to use.
* High quality sound is wanted.
* Sound of your choice, enjoy the song.
* No distortion sound by equalizer.
* Favorite song with equalizer when you driving.
* As a live from studio sound source, enjoy the virtual surround .
* Work / school in a rush, want to change the sound and listen better.
* Practice of music, listen easier your part of sound.
* Extending the useful life of the battery of high-quality music app with equalizer

This Audio Player has the 5 Bands/10 Bands/20 Bands/30 Bands Graphic Equalizer, Spline style Graphic Equalizer and some preset equalizers.

SuperLoud Essential allows you to change the sound effects what you like.
It is also you can create any preset-data by Graphic Equalizer.

You can use all five types of graphic equalizer.

Preset: Normal, Perfect, Rock, Rap, Metal, Country, Jazz, Acoustic, Classic, Blues, Oldies, Reggae, Opera, Speech, Bass, Mid, Treble

Audio File type: AAC(8〜320 Kbps) ,MP3(8〜320 Kbps),AIFF,WAV , Songs which can play on Apple Music Player (default player in iPhone, iPod Library)
*It might not to play a song which is DRM protected music.

* Amazing Quality Sound Engine (include Equalizer-Mode, Booster, Automatic Dynamic Limiter, Noise Reduction, Cache)
    For Amazing Quality Sound:  Pursuit of high quality sound for the frequency bands of more than 4000 inside the engine always
    By high-speed computing:  High efficiency of CPU utilization for background playback
* 5 Bands/10 Bands/20 Bands/30 Bands/Spline Graphic Equalizer
   Range: -12dB ~ +12dB. ( Minimum Step: 0.1, 0.5, 1.0dB (Selectable) )
   You can use all five types.
   - Beginner (5 Bands)
Frequency band:
   - Average (10 Bands)
Frequency band:
32/64/125/250/500/ 1K/2K/4K/8K/16KHz
   - Expert (20 Bands)
Frequency band:
32/44/64/88/125/ 177/250/354/500/707/ 1K/1.41K/2K/2.82K/4K/ 5.65K/8K/11.31K/16K/22.62KHz
   - Master (30 Bands)
Frequency band:
25/32/40/50/64/ 80/100/125/160/200/ 250/315/400/500/630/ 800/1K/1.25K/1.6K/2K/ 2.5K/3.15K/4K/5K/6.3K/ 8K/10K/12.5K/16K/20KHz
   - Spline (Free Curve)
Frequency band:
* Virtual Surround (Reverb, "player"->"Surround Icon")
* Headphone controller operable
* Bluetooth controller operable
* AirPlay output
* Show Album Art (Changeable Swipe commands to right and left On Album Art View)
* Spectrum Analyzer (include Stereo-Mode, size, form, and snow)
* Silence Detection (Automatic skip for three seconds or more consecutive silence parts)
* Gapless playback
* Crossfade (0 sec until 20 sec)
* Sleep Timer (10 min. Until 8 hour)
* Adjust Left and Right Volume
* Automatic pause/playback then ringing
* Automatic pause/playback then Headset Plug out
* Background Playback
* Orientation of the player screen (Automatic, fixed vertical and fixed horizontal)
* URL scheme support (superloud://)
* Show Lyrics (If there is a lyrics in the song file)
* Twitter NowPlaying (Auto/Manual, "player"->"Twitter Icon")

* Playing list, and Selection list by Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, Playlist, Compilations, Composers







Selection List screen of the player feel like the iPhone standard player (Music).
"Shuffle" also at the top of the song list.
Song list are displayed in the order of the title.
If you tapped "All songs" from the list of artists, albums or genres,
the order of the list that is displayed is the album order. Then, the order of the songs in each album is the track order.
"Search" also at the top of the artists list, albums list or songs list.

* Shuffle On/Off
< Please change the settings by tapping the picture below of the "Now Playing" screen of the app >
On: Off:

* 4 mode of continuous playback
< Please change the settings by tapping the picture below of the "Now Playing" screen of the app >
 After completion of the reproduction of all the tracks have been selected, the play repeatedly.
 After completion of the reproduction of all the tracks have been selected, the playback stop.
 Repeat playback of the currently playing song.
 After completion of the reproduction of the currently playing song, the playback stop.

* Design theme (24 Colors)

< Preset Equalizer > < EQ Mode Settings > < Spectrum Analyzer Settings>
< General Settings > < Swipe Command >

This Amazing Quality Sound Engine is developed in consideration of high-speed operation and high efficiency for the realization of high quality sound.
Our sound quality calculation process has a high arithmetic processing for best sound quality. It is to realize high-speed operation by calculating higher algorithm and the partial assembly as internal processing.
As a result of them, though it is clear high-quality sound, in this application is processed into high efficiency about CPU utilization when playing background, is also achieved longer battery life.

So the default value set to the best sound quality for each device.
(If you prefer the engine to move smoothly rather than focusing on the sound quality, please refer to the "sound quality" section.)

SuperLoud Essential - CyberFort LLC

< News >
Added a Virtual Surround (Reverb) function.

The Amazing Quality Sound Engine (with Equalizer) evolved further.
changed the image icon of the app for more friendly.

This App Old Icon > > This App New Icon
2013/1/19 23:08
Amazing Quality Equalizer - SuperLoud Essential is very popular in Japan.
The current rating is 4.5 stars.
Thank you for our users.

If you sent your thoughts comments and, additional function about this application to us, we might work more for this app.

About our bussiness,

Revision History:
2.0.0.   2016-12-8
  • New design.
    • Screen configuration of various
    • iPhone7Plus, iPhone7 screen size support
    • iPad screen size support
  • Additional new features.
    • iPad compatible version sales start (Universal app support).
    • added a Resume function at startup (waiting in the playback time of the last playback song).
  • iOS10.1.1 support
    • Optimization of operations
    • added iPhone7, iPhone7plus, iPhoneSE, iPhone6s, iPhone6sPlus, iPad Pro, iPad Air2, iPad Air, iPod touch6 to support model.
    • It is iOS 7 or later as a compatible model.
  • Further comfort of the music selection function
    • Improved performance
    • Added the "Grid View" feature in "Artists, Albums, Genres, Playlists, Compilations, Composers" of the music selection screen (Available on iPhone5 or more models, ON/OFF by "Settings → Design → Grid View")
    • Added Playlists (Create / Delete)
    • Added Compilations
    • Added Composers
  • "Sound engine AQS" adjustment.
    • Improved performance
    • It pursued further high-quality sound.
    • Adding the Gain function on Volume View.
    • Adding the Pause Fadeout function at playback interruption and "next song" (0 to 1.0 seconds, 0.1 second increments, "Settings"->"General")
    • Added "Without Gapless" in the cross-fade options
      ("Settings" → "General" → "cross-fade" → "gapless invalid" the By ON, the song of consecutive tracks in the same album is also possible to cross fade playback. If this is OFF, even at the time of the cross-fade enabled, the song of consecutive tracks in the same album will be gapless playback without cross fade playback.)
  • Improve ease-of-use
    • Improvement of setting the continuous playback mode.
    • Added the tap and double tap gesture on the album art of the player screen. (Changed by "Settings → General → Functions On album Art")
    • Added the command menu by left swipe at the Preset EQ List
    • Optimize the UI of the volume adjustment screen
  • Fine-tuning and other enhancements
1.3.5.   2015-2-15
  • iOS8(8.1) support.
    • And added iPhone6, iPhone6Plus to support model.
  • Further optimization of CPU utilization.
  • Optimization of memory use.
  • Added the lock release function of preset equalizer data created by the user.
  • Add the function with the right swipe from the left edge when the "back" button is displayed in the song selection list screen.
  • Fixed a bug when setting values ​​of the orientation of the player screen is not automatic.
  • some fine adjustment (Performance, and Bugs)
1.3.0.   2014-7-11
  • Optimization of memory use.
  • Faster check of ipod library at startup
  • Faster display of the song selection list for many songs selection (10000 songs).
  • Added a line cursor to adjust for spline graphic equalizer.
  • In rare cases, when connecting to some car audio,
    Fixed a problem that can not be controlled by "previous track" button and "foward track" button on the steering.
  • some fine adjustment (Performance, and Bugs)
1.2.9.   2014-3-10
  1. Optimization of memory use
2. Selectable account for the "Twitter-NowPlaying" message transmission
(If you owned multiple accounts for Twitter)
3. some fine adjustment (Performance, and Bugs)
1.2.8.   2013-11-7
  .Fine-tune the sound engine
(CPU utilization down and performance up, sound quality improvement, electricity consumption reduction)
.Adjustment of the music selection list screen
.Add preset to surround
.Supports playback elapse time display of the Control Center of iOS7
.some fine adjustment
1.2.7.   2013-10-2
  .Hiding iCloud data
.Fixed a bug that "Twitter-NowPlaying" can not be sent in the rare cases
.For iOS7, Fixed a bug that status bar overlap the screen of "Create temporary Playlist"
.For iOS5, Fixed a bug that "selection song list screen" is not displayed in rare cases
.some fine adjustment
1.2.6.   2013-9-28
  .iOS7 support
.Finer volume adjustment
.When the cross fader, it was improved sound quality and natural more accurate
.some fine adjustment
1.2.5.   2013-8-22
  .More clearly the album art image of the player screen
.Added "overlap toolbar and album art" Selection Function (Settings → Design Settings)
.Added lyrics character size selection Function (Settings → Design Settings)
.Added Auto Sleep screen switching function (Settings → Design Settings)
.Fixed "after displayed the configuration screen during playback, the display position of the lyrics is back to the top"
.Fixed "when the camera shooting during playback, there is a case to stop play"
.Fixed "When you remove the camera image during playback, there is the case that the next song is played"
.some fine adjustment
1.2.3.   2013-7-18
  .Added a Virtual Surround (Reverb) function ("player"->"Surround Icon")
.Added a Twitter NowPlaying function (Auto/Manual, "player"->"Twitter Icon")
.In the Player screen, supported auto-scroll display long title, album name, the artist name
.Added the ability to return to the installation default settings, But it's keep the equalizer settings that you have created. (Settings → Default)
.some fine adjustment
1.2.2.   2013-6-23
  .Added a switching function of displaying of the status bar (Settings -> Design Settings)
.Added a background color change function of the playback songs selection screen (Settings -> Design Settings)
.Displayed the album art image of the player screen by keeping the aspect ratio
.Fine-tune the sound engine
.fixed a bug that was during synchronization to iTunes on iPod touch
.some fine adjustment
1.2.1.   2013-6-8
  .Speed ​​and performance-up of the sound engine
(performance up for CPU, and the performance improvement of iPod touch4 and iPhone4)
.Add selected function of the orientation of the player screen (Automatic, fixed vertical, fixed horizontal)
.URL scheme support. (superloud://)
.When the song does not have the album image, added the ability to display the album art of the song of the same album name in the iPod Library
.Fixed a bug when loading presets for old versions of data format
.some fine adjustment
1.2.0.   2013-5-10
  .Adjusted the sound engine for faster And higher performance
(equipped with The Amazing Quality sound engine from this version)
.Added a changeable function of swipe (left and right) commands on the album art
(Settings -> General)
.Faster cross fader function (initial value: crossfader "off")
(Settings -> General)
.Corrected a case of mistakes playback order when a PlayList has two or more selections of the same music track
.some fine adjustment
1.1.3.   2013-4-27
  .Added Crossfading Function (0 sec until 20 sec)
.Added Gapless playback function (Added when "Cache option is ON in the EQ mode")
.Adjustment between songs of gapless playback
.Added a function to select the artist name of song selection at the "Album Artist", "Artist"
.Fixed a bug that is displayed the message of "no music file" by the environment of the device in rare cases
.some fine adjustment
1.1.2.   2013-4-9
  .Added Gapless playback function (Valid when "Cache option is OFF in the EQ mode")
.Enhanced of automatic synchronization with the iPod library when adding or deleting songs by other apps
.When you press "previous song" within 3 seconds of the song beginning, playback from the beginning of the song
.Fixed that "During playback of a song longer than 50 minutes, there was a rare case to suspend play."
.Fixed because there was a bug that falls at the start of the app startup in rare case.
.some fine adjustment
1.1.1.   2013-3-21
  .adjusted the index of music selection list screen
.adjusted the section header of music selection list screen
.some fine adjustment
1.1.0.   2013-3-10
  .changed the app icon image to "The Lion of listening to music with headphones"
.corresponded lyrics display function to automatic synchronization with iTunes
.corresponded "Re-search" by back button of music selection list
.some fine adjustment
1.0.9.   2013-2-25
  .changed the app icon image
.added the lyrics display function. Switching on / off, tap on the album art on the screen in portrait orientation (does not work when there is no lyrics)
.added a album header to songs selection list when selecting one album
.more beautiful album image of album selection list
.Changed to display the total number of list at the bottom of the screen each music selection list
.added "Search" also at the top of the artists list, albums list and songs list.
.added a 12 color design theme
.Improve the efficiency of CPU usage when playing background
.some fine adjustment
1.0.8.   2013-2-13
  .added the song selection screens similar to the standard player..
(Artist, album, song, genre, playlist)
.some fine adjustment
1.0.7.   2013-1-28
  .possible to select three types of 0.1,0.5,1.0 dB minimum adjustment range of graphic equalizer
.Added a free curve form(Spline) graphic equalizer
.Fixed a few Bug
1.0.6.   2013-1-4
  .Adjust the selection view of the number of Band on the landscape-view of graphic equalizer
.Adjust the UI of the preset equalizer selection view
.Fixed a few Bug
1.0.5.   2012-12-19
  .Added a 30-band graphic equalizer
.Added a 20-band graphic equalizer
.Added a 5-band graphic equalizer
.Added "Perfect" preste equalizer
.Extend the UI of the selection view of preset equalizer
1.0.3.   2012-12-1
  .Added output function for AirPlay
.divided the analyzer settings for Player View and Graphic equalizer View
.Adjust the engine for more clear quality sound
1.0.2.   2012-11-10
  .Added a swipe action on album art screen
.Added a view of selected playlist
.Adjust the engine for 8-bit sampling data
.Adjust the cache mode for EQ
.In rare cases,Fixed a bug "After hanging up, without playbacking a song before ringing, but it is starting to playback a song"
1.0.1.   2012-11-1
  .Corresponding acceleration of the volume knob
.Sort the preset display order
.Free curve waveform equalizer preset
.Adjusting the color field of the screen sideways when you select the background color
.Adjustment of the name field when you preset list screen sideways
.Adjust the vertical scroll bar scrolling graphic equalizer
.Adjust the position of the scroll area of a vertical graphic equalizer boost
.Adjusting the Sleep Timer when not playing
1.0.0.   2012-10-21
  New Arrival.

Developer: CyberFort LLC, Japan
For iPhone
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