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Android PAID Application
Audio Player WithEQ Platinum
Cost JP-YEN 2625 ( about USD 28.94 )
Direct Shop( V 1.9.2 ) Google Play (Android Market)( V 1.9.3 )
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JP-YEN 840 ( about USD 10.18 ).

main(Album Art) with GEQ V1.8.5

main(Playback List) with GEQ V1.8.5

main(Album Art) V1.8.5

main(Playback List) V1.8.5

main(Gray) V1.7.6

preset V1.7.4.9

GEQ touch V1.7.4.9

GEQ command V1.7.4.9

Spectrum Analyzer V1.7.6

Analyzer Option V1.7.6

Volume Control

Edit playback list V1.8.5

sort of playback list V1.5.4

Equalizer mode V1.8.3

search V1.8.5

artist V1.6.3

album V1.8.5

widget V1.8.3.3

Headset Option V1.8.3.3

menu V1.6.5

Let you enjoy the best sound quality.

This audio player is equipped with a clear quality sound engine made by us so that it may be possible to enjoy the best sound quality on Android.

It's the engine which has developed the sound quality most importantly, so the default value is different by the specifications of the device.
That would be set as the most high quality sound by each device.
(When giving priority to work lighter than the sound quality, please refer to the explanation about "Sound Quality".)

This Audio Player has Graphic Equalizer.
And some Preset Equalizer, too.

By this equalizer, you can enjoy the favorite sound from your favorite songs/music.
Also you can add any preset-datas by Graphic Equalizer.
( Push "Graphic EQ" Button, and you can show Graphic Equalizer. )

Preset: Normal, Rock, Rap, Metal, Country, Jazz, Acoustic, Classic, Blues, Oldies, Reggae, Opera, Speach,
Bass1, Bass2, Bass3, Mid1, Mid2, Mid3, Tre1, Tre2, Tre3

Audio File type: MP3, WAV, WMA, ASF, 3GP, ACC, M4A, OGG, FLAC
(You wouldn't be able to use the form which can't be used by a default player on your cellular phone.)

OS require: Android 1.5->2.3.7

  • Clear Quality Sound Engine.
    Equalizer-Mode, Booster,
    Dynamic Limiter, Noise Canceler, Chache
  • Headphone controller operable.
  • Bluetooth controller operable.
  • Edit on a playback list by a checklist.
  • Eazy playback list by Artist, Album, Search.
  • Album Art.
  • Spectrum Analyzer. (include Stereo-Mode)
  • Silence Detection. (Skip a part of silence more than 3 seconds)
  • Sleep Timer.
  • Widget.
  • Adjust Left and Right Volume.
  • Automatic pause/playback then ringing.
  • Automatic pause/playback then Headset Plug in/out.
  • others

    Following is recommended to use.
  • High quality sound is wanted.
  • Sound of your choice, enjoy the song/music.
  • Work / school in a rush, want to change the sound and listen better.
  • The practice of music, easy to listen your part of sound.

    Probably, in Google Play (Android Market), this app was developed in the world's first graphic equalizer, since 2009.

    Equalizer processing from the WAV form can also calculate even small performance of a cellular phone at high speed for a clear quality sound engine of this application. This engine is concentration of CyberFort technology.

    Function List is here.

    Copyright 2009-2011 CyberFort LLC

    Revision History: (DS:Direct Shop, AM:Google Play (Android Market))
    1.9.3 2012-8-3 DS More lightly execution of the clear quality sound engine.
    More lightly execution of the OpenSL.
    More lightly execution of Spectrum Analyzer.
    1.9.2 2012-7-20 DS
    2012-7-20 DS
    Added flac format.
    (You wouldn't be able to use the form which can't be used by a default player on your cellular phone.)
    Added an option to change color for Spectrum Analyzer.
    Optimization of Aplication package size.
    Optimization of using memory.
    1.9.1 2012-6-12 DS Tuned for the overall performance of the GUI.
    Optimization of using memory.
    1.9.0 2012-5-20 DS Polished Sound Quality for OpenSL SE. 2012-4-28 AM
    2012-5-2 DS
    Polished Sound Quality for Android 2.3.x.
    Polished Spectrum Analyzer. 2012-3-16 AM Added with snow in Spectrum Analyzer option.
    Added "Show Icon on the Notification Bar" option.
    Added the Yes/No dialogue in "Scan SD Card" option. 2012-1-22 AM Added option(CFT/db) to select the equalizer algorithm.
    Polished the code for memory efficiency, and shrinking the amount of memory used.
    A bit larger volume by the clear quality sound engine.
    Added the emphasis waveform display settings of Spectrum analyzer. 2011-12-4 AM Adjusted Clear-Sound-Engine performance.
    For 8-bit song of sample bit, Enhanced Automatic Dynamic Limiter.
    Optimization of using memory of Widget.
    Tuned for the overall performance of the GUI.
    Tuned for performance of EQ chache.
    Tuned for Automatic Dynamic Limiter.
    Optimization of running check.
    Speed up the display of the playlist view.
    Polished to sort in PL-edit view. 2011-10-19 AM
    2011-10-20 DS
    In the album selection view, added the option to view a large album art.
    When first used, there may not display the initial title. Fixed it.
    Added a narrow length and wide length options to resize the album art.
    Adjusted the size of the widget 4x4.
    Added the On/Off option for low-cut filter and high-cut filter. 2011-9-24 AM
    2011-9-24 DS
    Tuned for Android 2.3.xx performance of EQ chache.
    Adjusted the timing of the Widget redraw.
    AM:Optimization of the Google Play (Android Market) Checking. 2011-9-13 AM
    2011-9-12 DS
    Added setting parameters of Dynamic Limiter.
    Added resizing options for displaying Album Art.
    changed buttons design of widgets. 2011-8-18 AM
    2011-8-17 DS
    fixed \" char in searching lists.
    polished for action of widget.
    performance up for EQ chache-On-mode. 2011-8-3 AM
    2011-7-30 DS
    Added setting of controller as a default player.
    polished for Album Art.
    polished for widget.
    debug for saving parameters for Galaxy S. 2011-7-11 AM
    2011-7-10 DS
    Added 4x4 size Widget(with Album Art).
    Added 4x2 size Widget(with Album Art).
    Modified help document.
    1.8.5 2011-7-8 AM
    2011-7-7 DS
    Added Album Art.
    polished EQ engine performance. 2011-6-22 AM
    2011-6-21 DS
    Added automatic pause/playback function then Headset Plug in/out. 2011-6-19 DS Added 4x2 size Widget.
    1.8.3 2011-6-7 AM
    2011-6-6 DS
    Added Silence Detection function.
    Bug fixed for LR Volume Control on Android 2.3.
    polished for EQ chache-On-mode.
    1.8.2 2011-5-22 AM
    2011-5-22 DS
    polished for Dynamic Limiter. 2011-5-16 AM
    2011-5-15 DS
    polished for Dynamic Limiter.
    Pre-tuning EQ engine performance.
    1.8.1 2011-5-8 DS polished for Dynamic Limiter 2011-4-19 AM
    2011-4-19 DS
    debug for version 1.8.0.(fix for unable to playback some MP3.)
    1.8.0 2011-4-17 AM
    2011-4-18 DS
    Added other support audio formats.
    Added Dynamic Limiter function.
    Pre-tuning EQ engine performance.
    1.7.9 2011-4-2 AM
    2011-4-2 DS
    Coped for Android 2.3. 2011-3-24 AM
    2011-3-24 DS
    The last 1 second of a song wasn't sometimes played, so that was corrected.
    Added background option of Spectrum Analyzer.
    1.7.8 2011-3-10 AM
    2011-3-10 DS
    High Tuning EQ engine.
    High Tuning Spectrum Analyzer. 2011-3-8 AM
    2011-3-8 DS
    High Tuning EQ engine. 2011-3-7 AM
    2011-3-7 DS
    Pre-tuning app initialize.
    Pre-tuning Spectrum Analyzer 2011-3-4 AM
    2011-3-5 DS
    Pre-tuning Spectrum Analyzer.
    1.7.7 2011-3-2 AM
    2011-3-1 DS
    Added speed adjust of Spectrum Analyzer.
    Pre-tuning Code polished.
    1.7.6 2011-2-27 AM
    2011-2-26 DS
    Added Spectrum Analyzer.
    Pre-tuning EQ engine.
    1.7.5 2011-2-2 AM
    2011-1-30 DS
    Modified Direct mode UI of Graphic equalizer.
    1 song repeat function was added. 2011-1-22 AM
    2011-1-21 DS
    A switch function of equalizer chache was added.
    Pre-tuning design of Graphic Equalizer.
    Pre-tuning design of Preset Equalizer.
    Pre-tuning EQ engine. 2011-1-12 AM
    2011-1-12 DS
    Debugged for rare fault. 2011-1-1 AM
    2011-1-1 DS
    Pre-tuning Code polished. 2010-12-21 AM Pre-tuning opening information. 2010-12-16 AM
    2010-12-13 DS
    Pre-tuning EQ engine. 2010-12-2 AM Pre-tuning memory managing.
    1.7.4 2010-11-26 DS Pre-tuning memory managing.
    1.7.3 2010-11-6 AM
    2010-11-6 DS
    Pre-tuning player functions.
    1.7.2 2010-10-24 AM
    2010-10-23 DS
    More comfortable operational reply.
    1.7.1 2010-10-11 AM
    2010-10-11 DS
    Pre-tuning memory managing.
    1.7.0 2010-10-8 DS Pre-tuning EQ engine for Nexus One. 2010-10-4 DS Pre-tuning player function. 2010-10-3 DS High Tuning EQ engine. 2010-9-6 AM Changed priority of IntentFilter in service.
    Polished for Android 2.2.
    1.6.7 2010-7-25 AM
    2010-7-25 DS
    Pre-tuning EQ engine.
    1.6.6 2010-7-24 DS Polished Widget.
    1.6.5 2010-7-15 AM
    2010-7-14 DS
    Added Widget.
    Polished Bluetooth function.
    1.6.3 2010-6-27 AM
    2010-6-26 DS
    Added SleepTimer function.
    Added search function.
    When pushed stop button without played sound, it finish service, too.
    Polished Album selection.
    1.6.2 2010-6-20 AM
    2010-6-19 DS
    Artist, Album, Playback List, Easy selection function was added.
    1.6.0 2010-6-9 AM
    2010-6-8 DS
    polished code.
    1.5.8 2010-6-4 AM
    2010-6-3 DS
    More comfortable for ArmV7 and ArmV5 CPU.
    More Speed up for sorting Playback List.
    High Tuning EQ engine.
    1.5.6 2010-5-30 DS Coped Android 2.2.
    1.5.5 2010-5-23 DS Added "View" button in "Edit" menu on a playback list.
    1.5.4 2010-5-22 DS About Artist and Album, Edit on a playback list became easier.
    A multibyte character also corresponded to a playback list name.
    A multibyte character also corresponded to user's preset equalizer name.
    1.5.3 2010-5-17 AM
    2010-5-14 DS
    Bigger playback buttons.
    Speed up for sorting Playback List.
    Pre-tuning EQ engine.
    1.5.2 2010-5-10 DS A wav file couldn't sometimes be playbacked, so it was corrected.
    1.5.1 2010-4-28 More beauty bass sound.
    1.5.0 2010-4-23 New EQ engine.
    New EQ Booster.
    1.4.3 2010-4-14 Pre-tuning EQ engine.
    1.4.2 2010-4-13 More beauty sound for Xperia.
    Bug fix.(for Shuffle).
    1.4.1 2010-4-10 Pre-tuning EQ engine.
    1.4.0 2010-4-8 The design of the EQ setting area was changed.
    The design of the playback list edit screen was changed.
    Bug fix.(for Xperia).
    1.3.11 2010-4-4 EQ Sharp mode by CPU performance.
    Added function to pause playback by calling.
    Bug fix.(default playback list).
    1.3.9 2010-3-22 Pre-tuning EQ engine.
    1.3.8 2010-3-17 Pre-tuning scan files function.
    Pre-tuning EQ engine.
    1.3.7 2010-3-16 Pre-tuning scan files Automaticaly.
    Added function to scan files.
    Pre-tuning EQ engine.
    1.3.6 2010-3-13 Pre-tuning Display Horizontal Daialog.
    1.3.5 2010-3-12 Pre-tuning EQ mode.
    The use memory size was reduced.
    1.3.3 2010-2-27 Pre-tuning EQ engine.
    More Clear Bass Sound.
    1.3.2 2010-2-19 Pre-tuning EQ engine.
    Added function to pause playback by ringing.
    The design of presetting data selection popup was changed.
    1.3.1 2010-2-12 Bug fix.(Duration counter)
    1.3.0 2010-2-11 Addition of a quick modification function for a playback list.
    The commands are added to the editing function on a playback list.
    Operational performance enhancement of playback buttons.
    1.2.0 2010-1-30 Editing function for a playback list was added.
    A modification function for indication order of the playback list was added.
    The direction of the screen was changed quickly.
    The start after 2nd time was made quick.
    1.1.6 2010-1-17 Change in the EQ slide setting method of graphic equalizer.
    The use memory size was reduced.
    Pre-tuning EQ engine.
    1.1.5 2010-1-13 The design of the player control part was improved.
    Pre-tuning EQ engine.
    1.1.3 2009-12-30 Added functions to change Design of current song information.(Colors, Sizes)
    Added functions to change Equalizer Boost option.
    Bug fix.(grey base design)
    1.1.2 2009-12-20 Added to operation by CPU speed.
    Bug fix.(Skip song, Headphone controller.)
    1.1.1 2009-12-13 Bug fix for the Headphone controller.
    1.1.0 2009-12-12 Added 6 presets(Country, Acoustic, Blues, Oldies, Reggae, Speach).
    Added the Headphone controller operable.
    Faster computation of the playback.
    Bug fix.(In rare cases, some songs could not play the next song.)
    1.0.9 2009-12-6 Added Left Volume and Right Volume.
    Bug Fix for Android 2.0 and 1.5 since 1.0.8. 2009-12-4 Bug Fix for Android 2.0(Hero, Droid), it could not playback songs since 1.0.8.
    1.0.8 2009-11-30 More pure EQ sound.
    1.0.7 2009-11-27 Added Shuffle function, Audio Volume.
    1.0.5 2009-11-20 More pure sound, More clear quality sound.
    1.0.3 2009-11-15 Faster computation of each function.
    1.0.2 2009-11-9 Faster computation of the equalizer
    1.0.1 2009-11-6 Coped Display Lotation, and More pure sound
    1.0.0 2009-11-2 New Arrival

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