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Android PAID Application
SuperLoud Meteor
Cost JP-YEN 840 ( about USD 9.99 )
Google Play (Android Market)( V 1.0.8 )

main(blue) V1.0.0

Graphic Equalizer(blue) V1.0.0

main(Red) V1.0.0

Graphic Equalizer(Red) V1.0.0

main(Black) V1.0.0

Graphic Equalizer(Black) V1.0.0

Let you enjoy the best sound quality.

This audio player is tuned for Rock/Pops sound.

This audio player is equipped with a clear quality engine made by us so that it may be possible to enjoy the best sound quality on Android.

It's the engine which has developed the sound quality most importantly, so the default value is different by the specifications of the device.
That would be set as the most high quality sound by each device.
(When giving priority to work lighter than the sound quality, please refer to the explanation about "Sound Quality".)

This Audio Player has Graphic Equalizer.
And some Preset Equalizer, too.

By this equalizer, you can enjoy the favorite sound from your favorite songs/music.
Also you can add any preset-datas by Graphic Equalizer.

Preset: Normal, Rock, Rap, Metal, Country, Jazz, Acoustic, Classic, Blues, Oldies, Reggae, Opera, Speach,
Bass1, Bass2, Bass3, Mid1, Mid2, Mid3, Tre1, Tre2, Tre3

Audio File type: MP3, WAV, WMA, ASF, 3GP, ACC, M4A, OGG, FLAC
(You wouldn't be able to use the form which can't be used by a default player on your cellular phone.)

OS require: Android 4.0->4.2

Target Device: Galaxy Nexus, others

  • Clear Quality Engine.
    Equalizer-Mode, Booster,
    Dynamic Limiter, Noise Canceler, Chache
  • 10 Bands Graphic Equalizer.
  • Headphone controller operable.
  • Bluetooth controller operable.
  • Edit on a playback list by a checklist.
  • Eazy playback list by Artist, Album, Search.
  • Album Art.
  • Spectrum Analyzer. (include Stereo-Mode)
  • Silence Detection. (Skip a part of silence more than 3 seconds)
  • Sleep Timer.
  • Widget.
  • Lock Screen.
  • Adjust Left and Right Volume.
  • Automatic pause/playback then ringing.
  • Automatic pause/playback then Headset Plug in/out.
  • Design theme.
  • others

    Following is recommended to use.
  • High quality sound is wanted.
  • Sound of your choice, enjoy the song/music.
  • Work / school in a rush, want to change the sound and listen better.
  • The practice of music, easy to listen your part of sound.

    Probably, in the Google Play (Android Market), our audio player app is the world's first audio player with a Graphic Equalizer installed.
    After two years of working on the project, we were able to create an audio player suited for Rock music.

    Equalizer processing from the WAV form can also calculate even small performance of a cellular phone at high speed for a clear quality engine of this application. This engine is concentration of CyberFort technology.

    Function List is here.

    Copyright 2009-2011 CyberFort LLC

    Revision History: (DS:Direct Shop, AM:Google Play (Android Market))
    1.0.8 2012-11-20 AM Corresponded to Android 4.2.
    Fixed a bug for Android 4.1.
    1.0.7 2012-10-28 AM Corresponded to Android 4.1.2.
    Added a Widget4x1.
    Lightly behavior further clear quality sound engine.
    Behavior further lightly OpenSl.
    1.0.5 2012-7-31 AM More lightly execution of the clear quality sound engine.
    More lightly execution of the OpenSL.
    More lightly execution of Spectrum Analyzer.
    Added to change the EQ sound along with the movement of the bar of the graphic equalizer.
    (However, if you used with EQ Cache, EQ sound will be changed only when your finger gone away from the bar.)
    1.0.3 2012-7-20 AM Added flac format.
    (You wouldn't be able to use the form which can't be used by a default player on your cellular phone.)
    Added an option to change size and color for Spectrum Analyzer.
    1.0.2 2012-6-30 AM Optimization of Aplication package size.
    Optimization of using memory.
    Added a function After stopping playback, auto-stop "Player Service" after 30 minutes.
    Fixed a bug for some devices.
    Polished for preferences db.
    1.0.1 2012-6-10 AM Tuned for the overall performance of the GUI.
    Optimization of using memory.
    1.0.0 2012-5-25 AM New Arrival

    Audio Player SuperLoud series List for Android is here.
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